Flooded Bunker

Michael Sandle RA (b1936)

Flooded bunker, a large aquatint etching from 1983, showing a U-boat in a flooded submarine bunker.

Collections: The Imperial War Museum

This is an unsigned one, bearing pencil annotations beneath the plate: Printers Proof (Poppy & Frankfurt etc) and some further reference bottom left corner which we can’t decipher.

“The dark looming shape of a U-Boat lies on the surface of the water in a flooded submarine bunker. The vessel is seen from an elevated position and there are semi-circular shapes in the water beside it. Part of the bunker’s concrete structure in the background is marked by water, suggesting decay and disrepair”. Source: the Imperial War Museum


Measurements: 64 x 50 cm image size

Condition: Unframed on paper, image in excellent condition, some inky marks to margin

This work has now been sold