Enough Red

Ian Tyson (b1933)

A fantastic abstract screenprint another of which can be found in the Tate collection.

Dates from 1971 and is one of a number of illustrations for ‘The Pronouns’ (an illustration for the prose Some Remarks to Dancers), this one is called Enough Red.

It is signed and numbered i/x, a proof aside from the edition of 75.

Published by Tetrad Press.¬† Please note we don’t have the accompanying sheet of prose for this illustration.

Tyson was well known for his illustations of poems, in fact in 1969 he founded Tetrad Press  for the purposes of developing a new relationship between contemporary art and literature. To begin with Tetrad concentrated on collaborations between visual artists and poets, but went on to include musical scores and other forms of the arts.


Measurements: 53 x 43 cm image size

Condition: Unframed, in great condition with a light crease bottom right corner tip, minor.

This work has now been sold