Wall Plate : Stones (1987)

Patrick Caulfield RA (1936-2005)

A rare and very large artists proof pop art screenprint which can be found in the TATE

One of a set of four from the series called Wall Plates, printed by Kelpra as an edition of only 50, with 10 artists proofs of which this is one. Signed by the artist in pencil, and inscribed AP.  The initials ‘WG’, standing for Waddington Graphics, and ‘K’, the mark of Kelpra Studio appear in the same corner as blindstamps.

The image is of a circular plate hanging against a near-black background. The plate is in a monochrome yellow, with Caulfield’s distinctive use of black outlines and shadows, as though a stark light were cast from the upper right corner, giving a sense of relief to these otherwise flat images. Five roughly circular outlines overlap the edges of the plate, suggesting cobble or paving stones. Caulfield told his print dealer, Alan Cristea, that the Wall Plates were directly influenced by traditional Provençal hanging plates, which he saw on numerous summer holidays in the South of France.  (source: Tate website)

Measurements: 104 x 76 cm image size, 135 x 108 cm framed size (53.5 x 42.5 inches).

Condition: Print appears overall in excellent condition, photographed in its contemporary aluminium frame. On close view there is some very slight discolouration to the margins in the form of very light mottling, which is age & light related, not foxing. At viewing distance this isn't obvious.

This work has now been sold