Seven Miniatures Opus xiv

Tom Phillips RA (b1937)

As seen in the Tate collection, a folder of screenprints from 1971 with a musical / composition theme.

Opus 14 Seven Miniatures – suite for solo pianist
Tetrad Press 1971

Unsigned.  The edition size was 100.

As per the artist’s website the piece was first performed by John Tilbury in the New English Music Concerts Purcell Room, RFH London, 1971 Seven Miniatures is a set of largely theatrical pieces of very short duration usually based on visual cues supplied in the score (e.g. a piece made up of a succession of characteristic attitudes of celebrated pianists).

Measurements: 25 x 35.5 cm each sheet

Condition: very good condition, presented in printed paper folder

This work has now been sold