Outlying London Districts

Ronald Brooks Kitaj RA (1932-2007)

A rare screenprint from 1971, printed by Kelpra Studios as an edition of just 70.  This one is signed but not numbered, so likely a proof aside from the edition.

Another can be found in the TATE albeit with some different coloured squares in the windows – this seems to be the case with others that we have seen in past auctions, it is possible Kitaj produced different variations of the colours.

The title of the work is Outlying London Districts I and it is referenced in his catalogue raisonee (Ramkalawon 158).

Measurements: 54 x 102 cm image size

Condition: Unframed on heavy paper.  Fantastic finish to the surface, the nude in the arched window has a glossed finish. The printed area in excellent condition, some light time toning to the wider edges of the paper, minor  A wrinkle in the paper to the lower margin, minor, a couple of surface scratches on the BACK of the paper, they don't affect the front at all.  Tiny edge nudge to bottom  edge and small scratch towards top edge of sheet.  All pretty minor

This work has now been sold