Oh if one of them some fine evening would try

Patrick Caulfield RA (1936-2005)

Original screenprint from the Jules Laforgue suite (Cristea 38J) printed by Advanced Graphics, published by Petersburg Press.

From the unsigned edition of 200, printed on Neobond synthetic 200gsm paper.  Photographed in its black contemporary frame, the poem which it illustrates is printed verso (but cannot be seen in frame).

The background to this iconic suite is that Petersburg Press approached Patrick Caulfield in the late 1960s with a commission to produce a limited edition book which they would then publish. Caulfield was to choose his own subject: the poetry of French nineteenth-century writer Jules La Forgue, whom he had read as a student.  The resulting prints hint at the banality and simplicity of every day life in striking, vivid colour… they give impressions of La Forgue’s poetry, rather than illustrations of it. 12 of Laforgue’s poems were used, Caulfield producing a suite of 22 screenprints to accompany them.

Measurements: 40.5 x 35.5 cm excluding frame.

Condition: Photographed in contemporary black box frame, print is in excellent condition. Due to risk of glass breakage, shipping recommended deframed.

This work has now been sold