Jugs (boxed set of 11)

Matthew Hilton (b1948)

The complete set of Jugs by Matthew Hilton, 11 screenprints published in 1994 by the artist and Curwen Chilford prints.

Printed by Kip Gresham and Ian Wilkinson at Curwen Chilford on Somerset Satin 300 gsm as an edition of 30, with 5 artists proofs, this one being an artist proof numbered iii/v.

Each print is initialled in pencil lower right corner and denoted a/p lower left.  Title page signed in gold ink in full by the artist.  Presented in original folio box which has original sale price of £950 written in pencil on the inside lid together with a reference number.

Measurements: 28 x 30 cm

Condition: great condition, stored in original folio box

£595 + Shipping