Incidents ii (9 etchings)


The complete set of Incidents ii, a folio of 9 etchings showing every day life scenarios printed and published by Curwen studio on Somerset Velvet 300gsm paper.

There are 8 loose etchings each initialled in pencil, and numbered from the edition of 75 (photos show an example from the edition).  There is a further etching (unsigned) on the front cover of the paper folder, called Eating chocolate out of her handbag. The 8 etchings are called:

My coffees finished, The fishman, Waiting for the bus, The fishwoman, Woman hit by man’s shadow, To the lighthouse, Station girl and The rose

Paper folder is signed and numbered in full on the inside page with the titles of every print.

Provenance: from the archives of the Curwen Press.

Prints from the set are available to buy individually.  Please ask if interested.



Measurements: Image size 9 x 14 cm, paper measuring 23.5 x 18cms.

Condition: Great condition never framed, in original folio sleeve

£750 + Shipping