Hollywood Heads (Postcard images)

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi CBE, RA (1924-2005)

A quirky piece of art and unusual in that we don’t believe this was a limited edition print, but a collection of split head images made for postcards.

It is a digital print on on thick gloss paper with 8 split head images.  It is signed by Paolozzi in blue ink – with the biro struggling on the gloss finish at the end of his signature! It is further dedicated in black “For John, Love” above the signature.

Clearly given as a gift to “John”.  On the reverse of the sheet are the printed outlines for a postcard.  Each image has a made up name.  The date of the printing is 1984 and the sheet was printed in Germany where Paolozzi spent many years.  An exhibition of his called ‘Recurring Themes’ did tour Germany in 1984, possibly these were produced for that.

Measurements: 31.5 x 46.5 cm sheet size

Condition: Unframed, in excellent condition.

This work has now been sold