Embryonic Form (Moonstrips Empire News)

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi CBE, RA (1924-2005)

Limited edition screenprint from the iconic folio Moonstrips Empire News.

Untitled embryonic form is the name of this print in white on thick colourless acetate, showing a pattern of fossils and foetuses (photographed here on a dark background to show off the white)  This is one of the 92 unsigned prints from the folio.

Collections: The Tate

Published by Editions Alecto in 1967, Moonstrips Empire News consisted of 100 screenprints of images and text in an edition of 500. Eight of the images were signed and numbered by the artist, the rest were not signed. The prints were printed by Kelpra Studios on various paper stocks and bear their stamp verso as well as the Editions Alecto stamp apart from this one as with the acetate it is not possible.  I will include a photocopy of the stamps from another print in the set.

Paolozzi had been fascinated by American culture as a child, collecting cigarette cards and watching Hollywood icons at the local cinema.  This folio also shows his interest in history of art, technology and science.  Layering-up images from magazines, he juxtaposed his interest in technology, science and history with recurring pop culture themes of celebrity, fast food and advertising. Text was also an important component of his work, reflected in the ‘text only’ sheets with editorial from magazines and newspapers, sometimes rearranged in a creative style.


Measurements: 25.5 x 38 cm

Condition: Never framed, it has been stored in its original folio box. In excellent condition.

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