An Assemblage of Several Things

Gordon House (1932-2004)

It is not widely known that the late Gordon House made the earliest fine art screenprint ever to be produced in Britain, at Kelpra Studios, paving the way for a printmaking revolution in Great Britain that followed.

This is the complete set of screenprints from 1979, An Assemblage of Several Things, printed at Kelpra Studios on 250 gsm Velin Arches paper.

A trial proof aside from the limited edition of 50 copies, 32 screenprinted images, mostly abstract / geometric including the index, colophon and title pages, printed in colour on 9 double-sided loose / unbound sheets.  Each page / image is initialled in pencil, numbered in pencil and titled in pencil where there is a title and signed in full in pencil on the last page.

As the sheets are loose, they can be individually displayed.

Provenance: from a private collection belonging to the late Phil May (of the band Pretty Things).

Each sheet is folded in half with one side measuring 35 x 50 cm.

Presented in original bound and gold / red embossed cream solander cover and separate black sleeve. The whole set can be found on the Tate website for reference.  A selection of images is displayed here – I can provide additional photographs on request.

The names of each page are:

Dial Islington, (untitled) title page, Frontist, (untitled) title page with text, Multiple Dials, Many Quads, Tri Arc Set, Text, Study for Islington Green, Tri Composite, Finished Tri Arc (double page spread), Strand Study, Black segment, Red Quad, Blue Specimen, manx Forms, Celt Blue, Unfinished Tri Figure, Untitled geometric colour abstract, Untitled geometric colour abstract, Unfinished Double Segment, Abergavenny, Format, Mono Matrix, A Dial 1-6, Study for Islington, B Dial 1-6, Gothic Green/Red, Strand Blue / Green, Index, Colophon

Measurements: 35 x 50 cm each page size

Condition: Great condition never framed

£1500 + Shipping