Alchera – Folio of 25 signed Screenprints

Joe Tilson RA (b1928)

A rare find, a complete limited edition set of Joe Tilson’s 1976 Alchera portfolio, produced by Kelpra Editions, London presented in original folio cover and sleeve.

Featuring 25 original screenprints printed on loose leaf shared sheets (back to back), each sheet featuring one double page spread and two single screenprints on the back with a fold down the centre of the double page spread.  All are signed to the corner with initials in pencil. Basically if framing, you would have a choice of which screenprint to display on each sheet.

The quality of screen printing and finish is exceptional. There are a further 3 photoscreenprints which were not initialled.  The title page (as shown in photo) bears the edition number which is 12/50 and is further dedicated in pencil to Phil and Electra May (the late Phil May being the singer from the band Pretty Things).

Collections: The Tate (where the full photos of every print can be seen as I cannot fit them all on here!) I have shown a 3 of the double sided spreads (photos 2-4), a close up of the initials from one age (photo 5) and then some of the single images (photos 6-10), the solander folio sleeve and the signature / edition page with dedication.

The inspiration for the folio goes as follows “In 1970 Tilson and his family moved to the Wiltshire countryside and he also bought an isolated house in a part of Italy rich in Etruscan sculpture and remains. The tranquillity and simplicity of life in Wiltshire lead Tilson to explore new themes in his work which transcend time and cut across cultures. He began to draw inspiration from various sources – the four elements, classical mythology and Alchera, the dream time of Australian Aboriginals.”


Measurements: Page size:50cm x 35cm Double page spread size: 50cm x 70cm

Condition: Great condition, stored in original folio

This work has now been sold