Gary Hume RA (b1962)

Born in Kent, Hume attended Goldsmiths College of Art with other famous names including Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst, who would become known as the Young British Artists or YBA’s in the 1990s.  A Jerwood Prize-winning painter and sculptor Gary Hume is known for his glossy enamel paintings and screenprints of everyday objects. The artist has represented Britain at the 48th Venice Biennale and the 1996 São Paulo Biennial.

Initially featuring in the influential YBA exhibition Freeze in 1988, he later exhibited alongside YBA artists at the Venice Biennale in 1995. That same year, he also took part in the exhibition Brilliant!, which showcased the work of the YBAs to an American audience.

Gary Hume’s paintings and sculptures are colourful, visually simplified explorations of objects and aspects of everyday life, rendered in planes of colour, bold outlines, and silhouettes.

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